Teacher appears dead, urinates and with the face digested by the dog | Chronicle

A man was found dead in his house in the Monterrey district of Villa Rosa in Pilar. The victim, identified as Federico Gustavo Patrón, 58, had a part of his face eaten by his own dog Labrador.

It was the son of the victim, 35 years old, who made the macabre discovery when he visited his father, after 20 days without seeing him. Patrón was a teacher and in 2016 he had sued the sale of truhip titles at the University of Morón.

Man would have died from natural causes. They will carry out the autopsy on Monday.

The corpse of the man, in an advanced state of decomposition, sat in an armchair and beside his pet that would have devoured his face.

The first hypothesis that researchers use is that it was a natural death, because according to the first tests the body showed no signs of violence. In addition, the house was ordered and apparently without missing.

On Monday, the autopsy will be rigorously carried out in San Fernando's judicial morgue and that will provide more information about the reason for the death.

At this time, the cause for which the UFI No. 3 is responsible for María Inés Domínguez, was labeled as "Causal Death Cause".

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