The 7 conditions that the provinces have put in order to claim the 2019 budget

According to the text, which was endorsed by the economics ministers of 19 districts, so next year the nation must comply with the revenue and expenditure plan with the orders of the governors.

Via a document with seven major items, the provinces Casa Rosada warned of the 2019 budget and certain conditions to make the adjustment of $ 100,000 million which they claim from the Executive.

According to diffusion, the proposal was made at the end of the meeting in the House of Salta between the heads of provincial finances and the three national officials of the Ministry of the Interior and the portfolio of Nicolás Dujovne: Rodrigo Pena, minister of The nation's finances; Alejandro Caldarelli, secretary of provinces and municipalities, and Paulino Caballero, deputy minister of Relations with Provinces.

Ministers reminded the Nation that the "efforts" to reduce the deficit began, they demanded taxes on those sectors that do not pay taxes today, do not "adjust" those who have less, improve collection mechanisms, recalculate the level of expenditure reduction according to the new objectives and compensate the elimination of the Sojerium Fund with the money from the Sustainability Guarantee funds of the Anses.

Here the document of the provinces with the requirements for the management of Mauricio Macri is fully displayed.

1) During these years, the provinces have made efforts to achieve a balanced budget, an objective that reached the large majority in the first semester of 2018. This effort represents the first contribution that the entire province has made to contribute to the reduction of the global deficit of Argentina.

2) The provinces are prepared to contribute with extra effort, so that the national government has the budget for the year 2019 in terms of reducing the proposed deficit, as long as the reduction of the deficit is concentrated not only on spending, but on resources, a mechanism that makes it possible to fairly distribute the effort across all sectors of society.

3) We understand that adjustments to the difficult social situation in the country should not affect social spending.

4) It is the majority view of the provinces to generate the need for more resources by expanding the tax base and improving the collection mechanisms without having to raise the tax rates.

5) On the basis of the increase in resources, the total amount of expenditure to be reduced must be calculated.

6) Once this amount has been determined, the national government prepares the proposal to reduce and limit the costs.

7) After the National Government unilaterally and without prior consultation with the provinces has decided to delete the FOFESO as of August 2018, and understanding that this is one of the measures taken to reduce the national budget deficit, we have our disagreement because it affects the current budget, both provinces and municipalities. We also listened to the explanation of the Minister of the Treasury of the Nation in that sense. In this context, we asked for the establishment of a financing mechanism via the FGS for the provinces that need it.

When listening to the opposition of the leaders, the meeting went to an intermediate room until next week, during which time Pena, Caldarelli and Caballero will consult the ministers on the answers to the provinces.

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