The appointment by Tinder, the viola and hits in Argentina

By El Comercio / Peru / GDA
24-08-2018 | 09: 56

Argentina. a
tragic and deviant episode took place in the city of Centenario, in the
Neuquén province. A young man met a 19-year-old girl through the
Tinder dating application and quoted her on Monday morning at home. after
Refuse to have sex, beat her and rape her. The young woman was admitted to the hospital
after the brutal beating.

As reported
de neuquino LM Neuquén, the 24-year-old man lives with his grandmother in the
Sayhueque neighborhood. After meeting and chatting with the 19-year-old via Tinder, the
He invited her and went to see her on Monday night.

According to sources
of the case the young people took a few drinks and when he approached the girl,
She refused to have sex, after which she was raped.

The violence
It did not end there. When the girl tried to flee from her house, the aggressor
reached down on the pavement, grabbed her hair, threw her on the floor and took her to the house
again. Everything was recorded in a security camera on the block. after
struggling in the house, the girl was able to escape from the place and warn her
family what he had suffered.

filing the complaint, the young man was arrested, accused of sexual abuse with
carnal access by the public prosecutor Mariana Córdoba.

The magistrate
requested four months of house arrest with detention
law enforcement. Clothes were found at the raids in the aggressor's house
inside, footwear and the mobile phone of the victim in the pocket of the
young. At the door of the residence the police recorded a Volkswagen Gol with
traces of blood in the hood.

The victim
She stayed in hospital until the afternoon of Tuesday when she was given
high. The aggressor tried to give his version of the events via Facebook,
but after a few hours he removed the publication.

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