The battle for Lopez Molina-Monteverde continued in the media – Diario El Ciudadano and the region

The strong crossing of Thursday in the district council's district, continued yesterday in the media. Juan Monteverde, the Mayor of Ciudad Futura, who accused his colleague of the PRO, Roy López Molina, of "rat" before leaving his bank to prevent him from discussing the crisis the country is going through, doubled the bet and said: "I do not pull back nothing." While the macrista accused him of "setting up a media show".

"I do not regret anything, they have to withdraw", Monteverde launched for the microphones of <>. The municipal councilor of Ciudad Futura continued with his criticism of the Cambileos edifice: "We are tired of not going to the committees, going in the middle of a debate, tired of their way of doing politics for television." A lack of respect is get up and go away, because those councilors who left are the representatives of Mauricio Macri, who give an explanation to the people. "

After retiring in silence from the room, Lopez Molina was revenge in the media. Also for <> The macrista referent defended himself: "We are always open to all debates, but I think there are limits that do not need to be exceeded, such as grievance, insult and violence."

Regarding Monteverde's specific accusation, who called him a "rat," he replied that the City Councilor of Ciudad Futura wanted to set up a "media show in which the opinion of Cambiemos did not matter, but it was a direct aggression."

"No Rosario deserves to be discussed with that level of violence," concluded López Molina.

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