The Buenos Aires official who was responsible for the school infrastructure resigned

The Directorate-General for Culture and Education of Buenos Aires accepted the resignation of the provincial director of the infrastructure of schools, Mateo Nicholson, after the distribution of an audio in which the official would have urged a subordinate to "invent" budgets for the construction of kitchens in schools.

The case became known by filtering out an audio message that went viral and was published by the media, where the provincial official insisted on "inventing" the budgets for school works.

In the audio, the Director of School Infrastructure said: "They called me there that Wednesday is meeting with María Eugenia (Vidal), I have to close the kitchen tomorrow, which I know we have not finished, but I have to figure out the budgets we miss."

After the audio was known, two months ago, the now exdirector hung from the direction of the organism.

The provincial government took action in the case, after the distribution of the audio where it was urged "inventing budgets" and suspended the official. In this connection, Nicholson decided to file his resignation and from the management of Culture in the last hours they had accepted it.

Because the filtering of the audio was known, the opposition demanded the dismissal of the official.

At that time, José Luis Pallares, president of the Front Renovador bloc in the provincial Senate, asked for Nicholson's interpellation, a measure that was also claimed by other opposition groups.

"Two months after sending out the scandalous audio of the overpricing in the schools, and after the explosion in the school canteen in Moreno that took the lives of two teaching staff, the resignation of the owner of the Infrastructure area of ​​the General Directorate of Culture and Education, Mateo Nicholson, "complained the provincial senator of UC-FpV Teresa García, who had acted legally and legally when the case was heard.

"We insist that it must be the Director General of Culture and Education, Gabriel Sanchez Zinny, who has to leave his position because he is responsible for the policy of the provincial government in the educational area", the opposition leader added.

But also, Nicholson was also in the spotlight after the tragedy in Moreno for the explosion in a public school that left two dead.

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