The businessman Néstor Otero denied the bribes, but in his house they found a million dollars and a million pesos – 23-08-2018

On Thursday at 12 noon, while the federal police raided his property in Puerto Madero, Néstor Otero – held since Monday – was transferred to the courts of Comodoro Py to extend his statement in the case of the bribes of the bribes. The entrepreneur who owns the concession of the bus station denied the accusations against him as a participant in the unauthorized association and his lawyer, Andrés Casas, requested the house arrest to listen attentively to his age, 79 years and his health care.

Meanwhile, looking for his house, the federal police found two safes. By not having the password, as indicated to Horn, they obtained the authority to break them. Inside they were crammed with bills: there were about a million dollars and a million pesos.

The federal police, after entering department D, level 3, of one of the buildings on Pierina Dealessi, found – after opening the vaults – about US $ 1,000,000 and $ 1,000,000. The money was hijacked by federal troops.

When he did not get the release, Otero – the dealer of the Retiro Terminal – He returned to the prison of Marcos Paz .

The businessman already has other files in the federal justice system: he was found responsible for paying gifts to former transport secretary Ricardo Jaime, to whom he paid the rent of the apartment in which former officer K. lived.

In this new file with bribes K Otero was linked to the notebooks of Oscar Centeno: 3 June 2015, always according to the notes of the repentant director, I would have supplied Nelson Lazarte – the former secretary of Roberto Baratta – $ 250,000. According to the accusation, the payment would have been in cash at the offices of Retiro.

Faced with the accusation against him as a "necessary participant" of the illegal association that was dedicated to the "illegal fundraising" that was applied to the illegal enrichment of his main organizers and to "committing other crimes", Otero denied the accusations .

He then denied that, as was recorded in the notebooks, the money was collected in the Terminal offices since then according to his statements he was traveling in Paraguay.

The businessman was arrested on Monday after Gabriel Romero – the head of the Emepa Group – named him in his statement as an accused employee. He quoted him twice and said that it was he who introduced him to Ricardo Jaime.

Meanwhile, during the robbery in his house, the federal police found two safes. By not having the password, as indicated to Clarin, they obtained the authority to break them.

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