the campaign that consists of taking a photo with a bag in the Cristina apartment

Before the march of # 21A to ask for the deposition of Cristina, several protesters started the move in Juncal and Uruguay. View your post on Twitter!

This afternoon, # 21A was held before the Congress, a march to demand the immunity of the Senator Cristina Kirchner and the search for his apartment in Juncal and Uruguay, near Recoleta.

Before the mobilization, representatives of the "National Autonomist Party" launched an initiative that consisted of making a selfie with the house of Cristina behind and a bag in his hand. Then the idea was to publish it with # LaGranLópez, in relation to José López, the former minister of Public Works who hid US $ 9 million in a monastery of General Rodríguez.

"Take a picture with your bag in the corner of Cristina that will bring you happiness Maybe it will be full of dollars, "the group suggested, then social networks began to fill with publications referring to the move.

Cristina accepted the house searches of her house, even though she made demands

Cristina allowed the search in her house, but with a condition:

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