The Catholic Church led the negotiations to not receive more contributions from the state News directly from

The Catholic Church formally started negotiations with the national government to refrain from the economic contribution of the state. The news, published by Horn, was confirmed by the Argentine episcopal conference, an institution that brings the bishops of the country together.

The Church said that the resignation will be "gradual" and will be subject to the entry into force of a new system of support for Catholic worship, which will study "new alternatives" with the national authorities.

On the basis of article 2 of the Constitution and a decree of 1979, the bishops receive a monthly allowance that promotes the $ 40,000, while the priests of the border pasta and the minor seminarians receive a small amount of help. It is not considered a salary.

This expenditure implies, this year, a payout by the state of just over $ 130 million (about 7% of the budget of the church, ie from the 65 dioceses in which the institution is divided in the country).

The announcement of the talks with the government was made through a communiqué (published by social networks) during the semi-annual meeting of the episcopate leadership, chaired by the bishop of San Isidro, Oscar Ojea.

"The bishops received a report from the commission, integrated by the national government chief of staff, the secretary of the nation's worship service and the episcopal conference of Argentina, who is analyzing new alternatives for the current system of support for the sect," says the text.

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