The CGT condemns the repression of the workers of the Rio Santiago Shipyard

the On Tuesday, CGT condemned institutional violence & # 39; that was exercised against employees of the Río Santiago Shipyard and demanded that the national and provincial governments "give clear and concrete answers about the abuse of the brutally oppressed workers".

"With a huge stupor we notice every fact of repression try to silence the voice of the workers in limited circumstances such as staying on the streets, the unemployed, "complained the head office about the events that took place near the seat of the Buenos Aires government in La Plata.


In a notice signed by the Board of Directors, the CGT considered that these incidents "product of the failure of an economic plan that it has been rejected in itself, not only because it does not take into account the employees or the less favored sectors, but because it resolutely goes against them. "

He added: "The General Confederation of Labor once again strongly rejects, the institutional violence that is exercised by every power of the state ".

In this respect, the entity of Azopardo Street once again stated: "the continuity of this economic policy can only be aimed at the impoverishment and precarization of all Argentine workers, and threatens that this power plant will be fought with all its might."

And it ended: "When violence is exercised by the state, we will set the limit."

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