The CGT received the IMF and expressed its "concern" about the adjustment that the agreement implies

Inflation and social costs

The Head of Mission, Roberto Cardarelli, listened to the trade union leaders and explained the restrictions plans for the sectors most affected

The leadership of the CGT met Tuesday with members of the IMF mission who visited Argentina and after the meeting ratified the "care for the adjustment" that will bring the financing agreement for US $ 50,000 million.

"Of course we are still worried," said Juan Carlos Schmid, triumvirate member, when he left the meeting with the head of the fund's mission, Italian Roberto Cardarelli.

The meeting, held at the headquarters of UOCRA, lasted more than an hour and the CGT included two members of the triumvirate, Schmid and Carlos Acuña, and members of the "small table" as host Gerardo Martínez, Andrés Rodríguez (UPCN)), José Luis Lingeri (sanitary works) and Omar Maturano (the brotherhood), while Cardarelli was accompanied by two other members of the entourage of the fund, Joyce Wong and Paolo Didine.

"We ratify what we said before the meeting, that We do not agree with the social costs of the agreement. They (for the representatives of the IMF) have a technocratic attitude and gave details during the meeting about the design of the agreement with the government", Schmid maintained.

In this respect, the head of Dredging and Beacon noted that "if the adjustment is extended, there are opportunities for very serious conflicts in Argentina."

"We do not agree with the social costs of the agreement, they have a technocratic attitude and during the meeting they gave details on the draft of the agreement with the government, if the adjustment is extended, there are possibilities for very serious conflict in Argentina "(Juan Carlos Schmid)

Cardarelli said for his part that the IMF "heard the vision" that the CGT had "about the economic situation" and then informed the trade union members of "the details of the program concluded with the government and the importance of stabilizing the macro economy".

When asked if he recognizes that the government is meeting the objectives of the IMF agreement, the Italian said: "We are convinced that everything will continue in the best way."

The reports that the Fund is worried about inflation in the country, Cardarelli said: "Of course, inflation must fall and we think it will fall". Meanwhile, the state-owned company Rodriguez expressed the same concern as his colleague Schmid hours before the meeting.

"The economic and social situation of the country is deteriorating, we see no improvement", said the head of UPCN, who told Radio Millenium that they see in the CGT that "the adjustment is not yet used in its size" and that "there will be a strong recession in the economy".

On June 28, the leaders of CGT and Cardarelli met a personal meeting for a teleconference in September, but the summit was expected by using the disembarkation in Buenos Aires of this mission.

A few days later, Schmid had warned that it would be "practically unfeasible to adjust these characteristics in a country that is already paralyzed and in a recession," referring to the cuts the IMF is demanding from Argentina to balance its bills. bring and guarantee the financing agreed.

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