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A young man was accused of raping a 19-year-old girl at his home, after he had mentioned her through the Tinder application. The girl was admitted to hospital after a brutal rattling when she wanted to escape. The whole series of strokes was recorded in a security camera.

According to LMNeuqun, the episode happened on Sunday at sunrise in the house of the 24-year-old, located in the Sayhueque district of the city of Centenario in Neuquen.

Judicial sources reported that the attack began when the girl refused to have sex and tried to escape from the house. At that moment the defendant pursued her, brutally beat her and forced her back into the house. Everyone sexually abuses her.

The girl could escape the spot and after telling her family what she had suffered, she had to be hospitalized for two days because of the blows she had received.

The researchers fell into the young man's house and found traces of blood on the hood of a Volkswagen Gol. He was accused of sexual abuse with carnal access. The prosecutor of the case asked that four months of house arrest be imposed.

(Source: One Minute)

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