the concessionaire of the Kirchner terminal in San Rafael is in prison

Néstor Otero, majority shareholder of TEBA S.A., the company managing the concession of the Terminostation Omnibus de Retiro, in the city of Buenos Aires, and the terminal "Néstor Kirchner" of San Rafael, was delivered yesterday. The federal judge Claudio Bonadío had ordered his arrest as part of the case of the "Notebooks K".

Otero appears in the tones of the driver Oscar Centeno. "The tzar of Retiro" I would have delivered a c$ 250,000 donation to Nelson Lazarte, former secretary of Roberto Baratta (second from De Vido), as described in the Centeno notebooks. The businessman appeared last afternoon at the police station in Figueroa Alcorta and Cavia, in the Buenos Aires district in Palermo.

Otero already has a penalty because he was found responsible for the payment of gifts to former transport secretary Ricardo Jaime, to whom he paid the rent of the apartment in which the former official K. lived.

Otero's connection to the sanrafaelina terminal is direct: via Tebas S.A stayed with the concession seven years ago. The contract for your company and NLD Group S.A. (also with the participation of Otero) could manage, operate and manage the terminal The Néstor Kirchner was approved in November 2011 by the Deliberating Council of San Rafael and a month before the then president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner traveled to the Municipal Bulletin published South Mendoza to be next to the Peronist mayor Emir Felix when cutting ties. These were times when the "Tsar of Retiro" regularly won concessions like this one.

It contributes to the long list

Otero was now connected to the cause by appearing in the notebooks of Oscar Centeno: on June 3, 2015, always according to the annotations of the repentant director, he would have given Nelson Lazarte – former secretary of Roberto Baratta – $ 250,000. According to the accusation, the payment would have been in cash at the offices of Retiro.

Dealer for 25 years Retiro terminal, was summoned by Bonadío on 9 August in one of the first rounds of research into business people ordered by Bonadio. Despite the imputation against him as "Necessary participant" of the unauthorized association that was dedicated to the "illegal fundraising" that was applied to the illegal enrichment of its main organizers and to "committing other crimes", Otero refused to testify at that time.

Then he denied that, as it was mentioned in the notebooks, the money was collected in the offices of Retiro, because according to his statements he traveled in Paraguay. but yesterday the employer finally decided to surrender and he joined the list of detainees in this file.

The businessman is one of the many managers and managers who have ties with detained Jaime. In the case of the notebooks of corruption, that was determined the collectors of the illegal association counted on the participation of businessmen who paid at least $ 35 million "in countless opportunities between 2008 and 2015". That is why it is possible for the judiciary to "prove permanence in the time of the illegal organization".

Tasselli, Fariña and even "Corcho" Rodríguez

Yesterday, another businessman was also arrested on the orders of Judge Claudio Bonadío. It is about Sergio Taselli, which could win spaces in various state concessions in the decade of the 90s. His preventive detention was dictated after he appeared in the Courts of Comodoro Py, to testify in the so-called "cause of the notebooks".

But the movement in the federal courts with regard to this case, which was initiated on August 1, did not stop here. There were two other spontaneous presentations: Jorge "Corcho" Rodríguez (who tried to make it clear that the dates on which he is mentioned in the notebooks do not coincide) and of Leonardo Fariñawho extended his statement to the Prosecutor of the case, Carlos Stornelli.

Taselli knew he was in charge Turbio coal mine, in Santa Cruz, after the privatization promoted in 1994 by Menem. And he was also a concessionaire of the railways in Buenos Aires until 2007.

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