The Cordoba police repressed neighbors who protest against illegal decommissioning

This morning the members of the San Roque Despierta Assembly were suppressed by the Cordoba police to prevent the machines from continuing in places that were not approved for the construction of the Costa Azul Variant Highway that will connect with Route E- 55.

The point of the conflict is the area where the highway construction for the Costa Azul variant ends, connecting the access road with Carlos Paz with the San Roque district, including a new bridge over the San Roque dam. From the Assembly argue that has begun dismantling and opening the track in an area of ​​more than 200 meters that would be outside the authorized for this part of the work. They added that neither the company that carries out the work nor the province has shown them plans that contradict their proposal.

Before the advance of the machines and the presence of the police, sent by the office of Carlos Paz, there were struggles and confrontations. Four people were arrested and one person had to be removed and admitted to a hospital in the area. In the afternoon, the detainees were released.

"We filed the telephone complaint with the Environmental Police on Wednesday and we personally approached Friday with plans and photo's to denounce this irregularity, and they sent no one to avoid this conflict." They gave us a meeting today at 10 o'clock in the morning, but while we were together, the machines started to go on again, the neighbors wanted to stop them and there was a confrontation with the police, "said one of those present.

From the meeting informed that this Wednesday at 9 am, near the San Roque workshop, will concentrate "to denounce the irregularity, demanding the presence of the competent authorities.There will also be a call at 10 am in the secretariat of the environment of Córdoba.

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