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Mauricio Macri in an interview for CNN

"It is in the interests of the country that there is an independent legal system"

The president acknowledged that many people tell him that it is not for him "Cristina presa". "I do not do what suits me," said the head of state.

President Mauricio Macri acknowledged that "many say it does not suit me" that Cristina Kirchner is being held as the head of the illegal association for which she is accused in the case of the scriptures. The president gave an interview to CNN, made by journalist Andrés Oppenheimer.

"I do not do what suits me, or my government, but what suits the country." The country agrees that there is an independent judicial system, that one is not there to manipulate and demand that things happen or not happen, "added the head of state.

He said that "what is happening is fundamental to Argentina, and I am glad that during my government, during my government, the whole truth is coming to light." When asked if he would take the names of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner on the street or would hold public buildings, he said he would not do this if there was a guilty verdict, but he clarified that the nomination was never knocked & # 39;

"In all countries they wait decades before they take the name of a former president or former leader to a public place," he said. He acknowledged that there is a special debate about the Kirchner Cultural Center and believes that it is "a matter of time" what will happen in the light of judicial investigations.

The president claimed that "if it is confirmed" what has been published about the case of bribes, it would be an "unprecedented" case because of its size. "Corruption has always been in the world, and you're constantly fighting against it, but it's random." He pointed out that if "there is a system in the state where no one can work if it does not go through a payment, that's like … I've never seen anything like that, organized by the state and the government," said he.

About the situation of his cousin Ángelo Calcaterra, former CEO of Iecsa – the company that belonged to Franco Macri – recognized the president that his cousin "warned him that he would present himself." And he remembered, "I told him that it is better to go with the truth, with all the pain in the world because I have a deep affection for my cousin, but my job as president is only that there is nothing under and that everything comes to light as desired.

"The truth," he added, "is a very special country." A driver appears to have minutely written down everything for years, and I say that in the past 20 days in Argentina, Netflix's rating has dropped as never before because it is superior. is watching Netflix ".

Report to Venezuela

President Mauricio Macri said that he, along with other South American heads of state, will make a request to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate possible crimes in Venezuela. During an interview with CNN, he said that the initiative has the support of the presidents of Colombia, Iván Duque; from Chile, Sebastián Piñera and from Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez.

"In Venezuela, human rights are systematically violated and the value of life is lost," said Macri during the Andrés Oppenheimer consultation. The president warned that all attempts to improve the situation were "frustrating". He also questioned the alleged drone attack on August 4 by Nicolás Maduro in Caracas during an official ceremony.

"I have no exact information, but in the light of how he behaved afterwards and what he overcame and ran, it proves that it was unlikely that he was serious."

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