The day Lanata released a report against the workers of the Rio Santiago Shipyard

The workers of the Rio Santiago Shipyard rejected the program at the end of July Journalism for everyone (PPT), led by the ultra-macrista journalist Jorge Lanata

That day they rejected the fact that it was part of the national and provincial government's campaign to privatize the company they work in 3,300 employees. The workers reported that he was going to film a weekend so they did not see any employees in the factory.

Today the police of Buenos Aires fired rubber bullets, thrown water and threw tear gas at the workers of the Río Santiago Shipyard who marched on the Buenos Aires – La Plata highway to the government of Buenos Aires before the possibility of the massive loss of their jobs as a result of the closure of the company.

The shipyard worker and leader of the Classic and Combative Current (CCC), Jorge Smith, said in July that the program broadcast on Channel 13 & discredit the Shipyard & # 39; and & # 39; justify the wild adaptation that the government wants to apply & # 39 ;. "They want the crisis to be paid by the workers, but we will not allow it," he said. "The government is responsible for the crisis."

In connection with Jorge Lanata's program, Smith said that the journalist "lied" and explained: "They showed images of the factory empty and said they were one day Wednesday, but in reality they filmed a weekend because there was no employee or the cars of the hierarchical staff, which they park in the building, nor the students of the technical school who work every day ".

"It was shown to the shipyard in a malicious way," he said, saying that "it is a lie that a ship was not delivered 30 years ago" and stated that the three stands of the factory today are working on the construction of the tanker Juana Azurduy and two training boats for the national navy. In that sense he stated: "We do not only produce ships, but in recent years we have made components for hydroelectric power plants in Brazil and Venezuela, ports and locks for the base of the Belgrano port and the construction and assembly of the roof of the Ciudad de La Plata Stadium ".

Since the governments of Mauricio Macri and María Eugenia Vidal Yard workers complain that the official economic and political plan does not take into account the state-owned company that was the emblem of Argentina and Latin America. "It is one of the most important shipyards in the entire continent, but the government turns away from it and wants to sell it privately," complained Smith.

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