The death of Larrabure was not a crime against humanity

At the request of the Argentino del Valle Larrabure family (deputy director of Córdoba's military factory, abducted by the revolutionary people's corps on 10 July 1974 and found strangled one year later), the judiciary ruled that it was not a crime against humanity.

The ruling of the Federal Chamber of Rosario is in the middle of an unfavorable climate when it comes to assessing the genocide of the last civil-military dictatorship. That is why it is a major setback for the right-wing sectors that returned to Rosario a few months ago and attacked human rights organizations.

A few days before the last March 24, activists and relatives prodictadura joined the appeal of the federal judiciary to fight once again with the theory of the two demons. Months later the answer is unfavorable.

In 2007 Arturo asked Cirilo Larrabure, son of the officer, to reopen the case on the grounds that his father's death was the product of a crime against humanity. Something as ridiculous as it was in his first moment the theory of the alleged murder installed by the military. Nevertheless, the German Sutter Schneider lawyer, of course, responded to the request of the soldier's family.

In 2010, the Prosecution, in the words of the public prosecutor Esteban Righi, argued that "the arguments that prevent the position of the Attorney General Palacín, who tried to follow the case as a crime against humanity, are not on the case. can be applied in the category of crimes against humanity or war crimes "because they are part of a government policy.

It is not surprising that there are members of the Judiciary, such as the Prosecutor Palacín. Perhaps something has to do with the fact that this institution was an important part of the destruction plan and rejects an infinity of habeas corpus from family members of the disappeared, or direct accomplices of torture, kidnapping, baby theft, etc.

The resolution of the Federal Chamber, whose members Fernando Barbará, Aníbal Pineda, Jorge Gallino, Elida Vidal and José Toledo unanimously vote after hearing the parties, ratifies the investigation file.

Gallino said that "the doctrine of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and our highest court of law imposes the rejection of the statute of limitations on the facts that concern us." In fact, it has not been proven in the first place that the act was committed as part of a systematic attack against the civilian population in the context of a government policy or with state aid, extremes that are crucial to prove, because they are contextual elements described in Article 7 of the Rome Statute, which lays down the conditions that he must collect the commission of one of the crimes listed in the article to constitute a crime against humanity ", wasting the attempt of the son of Larrabure to already re-opened cause.

A blow to the coup

In the current political situation, with the reactionary reactions of the dinosaurs in the Senate who voted against the right of women to decide on their bodies, with the decree that allows the armed forces to act in internal security, the repression of the The police of Buenos Aires for the employees of the shipyard Rio Santiago and for the students who are fighting for public education, it is not illogical that the prodictadura groups try to reintroduce the theory of the two demons.

The systematic annihilation plan of the army, the church and the business community as a whole in the last civic-church-military dictatorship, equating with the actions of the guerrilla organizations is unprecedented and would not mean anything other than a major setback in the popular conquest (which for decades lasted) of memory, truth and justice.

The attempt to reopen the case comes with the agreement of a government in crisis, which openly represents the economic interests of the sectors that benefited directly from the military coup and which accompanied the forced disappearance of 30,000 people (figure that they also try to discuss ). It is a new episode of neonegacionismo, in the style Darío Lopérfido, which was actually fed by right-wing means like The nation.

On the one hand, there was a systematic plan implemented by the state to exterminate the workers and the vanguard of youth and to discipline the workers' masses that concentrated a high degree of militancy and proletarian organization. On that side was General Larrabure. Trying to equate the violence of the oppressors (which they cynically call "excesses") and the violence of the oppressed, which condemns hypocritically "violence in general", regardless of its social and political content, is not more than a resource of the oppressors. first to preserve power.

Until the day of the date there are fewer and fewer lawsuits for crimes against humanity, which is not remarkable in the context of the entire plan of the government of Cambiemos. Many soldiers have died unpunished or continue with totally unjustified benefits such as house arrest.

Also, the fingers of one hand are too many to name the citizens who have been called to the bank of the accused. Some of them created clandestine detention centers in their own factories, such as Acindar in Villa Constitución.

On this point, all constitutional governments agreed not to "touch" business interests, the main beneficiaries of the coup's economic plans, & # 39 ;. The Macri family, for giving the issue its own name. Even with the Kirchner government, all responsible people were not condemned. 42 years after the coup we continue to look for hundreds of suitable grandchildren and continue to follow the fate of a large part of the 30,000.

The Larrabure case

As already mentioned in this newspaper, on 23 August 1975, the body of officer Larrabure was found. Before that the autopsy established that he had died on a rope, in the so-called "prison of the city" where he was.

Immediately the army (with the broad support of the henchmen) spread that he had been tortured. But the autopsy had determined that a suicide had occurred, that no third party had intervened and that Larrabure was in good physical condition and well fed.

However, this theory was necessary for a sector of society to legitimize the coup d'etat that had already been taken care of and thus to minimize social resistance.

The inadequacy of the results of the autopsy also had the testimony of businessman Vicari, who had shared a detention with Larrabure, who confessed that the day the body was found, there were abnormal movements and the atmosphere was uncomfortable and nervous. part of the ERP militants.

That same day, his kidnappers took all the pieces of rope, cables, knives, and all the sharp objects that could be found in the room. The suicide had surprised them and they had to make sure that such a thing never happened again.

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