The desperate request for help from a gendarme when they took his son

A gendarme was the victim of the theft of his vehicle with his son in Lomas de Zamora and immediately made a request for help via radio to his fellow soldiers to save the child.

"Comrade, please, please! They have taken my son and they have stolen my car, I am here in Yrigoyen", can be heard in the call for help

] The incident took place at the intersection of the streets Beltrán and Hipólito Yrigoyen and a search was quickly set up to find the black Gol trend condemned by the gendarme.

The victim's son was in the center of Lomas de Zamora and is now with his family.

A few minutes after the robbery, when the delinquent realized he was carrying a minor, he parked, got him out and managed to escape.

  The gendarme communicated by the radio to find his son
The gendarme communicated radio to find her son

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