The field warns that when the retentions return, "there are people who are willing to set out"

"We talk to the Ministry of Agribusiness and they tell us that there is nothing today, but we know it is being studied. This government said that they gambled on a productive model in which retentions were an instrument of the past and we return from before to Argentina"Criticized the head of CRA in radio statements.

"We know about the budget deficit and that is the intention, despite the fact that the President does not want it. We are in a complicated moment, but in this way concepts of deep changes in Argentina are being violated. The trust contract of the field with the government has been broken"He added.

Chiesa said the rumors and transcendencies & # 39; a lot of dissatisfaction & # 39; caused the members of CRA and distributed them & # 39; & # 39; are in relation to the measures that can be taken. "I have people who are willing to go out and someone else who says you have to make a sacrifice because the country is bad"He decided.

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