The Gloria gate in Buenos Aires is coming

by Maxi Pérez (@perezmaxi), correspondent of NOVA in Government House and Legislature

The government of the province María Eugenia Vidal is preparing to propose a draft Law of the Arrepentido for the province of Buenos Aires, with the aim of re-shuffling the portfolios at national level of the entire political business network that is related to public works on the territory of Buenos Aires.

Before the end of the year, the ruling party will try to install the discussion on a "accused accusation" model for Buenos Aires, and according to some rumors it would negotiate with the first businessmen and former officials who would benefit from this advantage if the legislative power would finally come. It becomes a law.

The political table of Change at the provincial level attempts to mimic the effect that the scandal detached from the writings of Oscar Centeno has a national level, with the confidence that it will be enough to stop or at least slow the decline of the image of the management and the governor, which started a few weeks ago, and continues with a downward trend.

The team from Buenos Aires has to project an unfavorable scenario for the first time. The polls this week brought neither enlightenment nor good news for the ruling party, but deepen the concerns because there are for the first time scenarios that mark a possible defeat of Vidal for a peronist candidate.

While it is true that a series of situations must take place that can only be envisaged today in the opinion of the opinion pollers, the truth is that politics is the art of the possible and that is why they want to deactivate in the vicinity of Vidal. of every opportunity to generate an unfavorable public opinion climate for next year.

Anyway, the ability to vent facts of corruption in the past is one of the possible strategies and apparently the one at the top of the governor's agenda who also believes that in this way they can reorganize the forum of intenders and criticism can stop for the situation of the school infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the sciolismo, or rather, between the supervisors who are supervised Daniel Scioli during his last reign, the peace and the few who remained loyal to the former governor reigned that "during the previous government there were not many public activities", and they note that "the province's control systems are superfluous, more stringent than the nation and with strong political control over the part of the opposition ".

"If they want to go like this, it will go wrong, and most likely the corruption of the previous government will be taken care of with current deals from their own allies," said a former provincial senator who consulted on these versions.

The first scenario of a defeat

The session of Thursday in the deputies brought about a legislative defeat that was unthinkable a few weeks ago for the ruling party, which makes it difficult for Cambiemos to dominate the similarities with a few spaces of dialogist Peronism in these moments of general political weakness.

The removal of subsidies from the Peat was not an urgent necessity; it would have no real impact on the treasury of Buenos Aires in this year, so the treatment could have been extended, despite the government's preference for its approval. to speed up the Senate, majority and strength debate in the Chamber of Deputies by putting pressure on its members of the Front Renovador and the PJ Unidad y Renovación.

A gross miscalculation or mere inability to read the possible reactions to the measure, combined with the failure of the national economic model, has left the government completely isolated and without any chance to continue with the reform of the law, also on a the moment it starts to have a certainty that the adjustment will have to be deepened.

It was much easier for Macri to eliminate the soy fund, though that decision opened a new break between the provincial executive and the intenders, especially after Hernán Lacunza confirm that Buenos Aires' cash was unable to "compensate" for the fall in income during this year.

Even the communal bosses of the ruling coalition expressed their dissatisfaction with the head of the cabinet Federico Salvaiso it is the intention to try a series of meetings to decompress the tensions and to draw strategies from here to the end of the year and basically those of next year.

What nobody admits openly, but they do not dare to deny categorically in Cambiemos, is that in the last days and for the first time since the beginning of the administration, a hypothesis of Vidal's defeat in the province was plausible, so that the In the coming days there would be a kind of & # 39; re-launch & # 39; the government can take the initiative and show positive action for the future.

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