The government formalized the start of the "cheap" buses and tickets can be sold off the coast from $ 22

From September

The Ministry of Transport has published the regulations that allow bus operators to offer tariffs with a maximum discount of 95%. Complaints from companies

A passage in a long-distance bus can cost the same as what comes from a combination of train, bus and metro to go from home to work in the capital and Conurbano.

It will be possible from September. Or, at least, it is permitted. Is that the government of Mauritius Macri has made the regulation with which companies of long-distance buses can offer tickets with a discount of up to 15% on the minimum rate for sales made up to ten days in advance. And they can increase that discount of up to 95% for tickets sold more than ten days in advance.

Companies can offer substantial discounts. The basic principle of the government is that in this way a bus can be filled, with more or less passengers, that it should leave the same destination.

With the new scheme, a passage between Rosario and Buenos Aires could be sold to $ 18 (less than a third of the cost of the fast bus service that connects La Plata with the federal capital). A trip from the city to San Luis can be offered at 48 pesos. And the micro to Bariloche could cost 96 pesos.

According to the government, these and other measures seek to offer competition to buses seriously injured by getting out low-cost airlines and tariff schemes.

In addition, companies can form "cooperative combinations" where two or more operators can operate routes together using the same car park, terminals and counters.

They can also offer "intermodal" tickets; combining the ground transfer with an air or transfer passenger from the home to the terminal.

The Long Distance Corporate Chamber issued a statement that lowers the decibels until the announcement.

"Without further details and high expectations to be generated in society, the beginning of the sale of low cost country passages was announced, which assumed a" higher level of competition based on rates between air mode and terrestrial mode. " guarantee, "said the entrepreneur.

"Yes Although it is always preferable to have the fewest restrictions when determining the commercial policy of a company, having the option to charge very low prices does not automatically guarantee the actual capacity to do so. to do so in a sustainable and serious way to be able to offer Low Cost & # 39; rates, it is necessary to have Low Costs & # 39; first. totally contrary to the current situation of transport errestre, "said the Chamber.

"We are convinced that, with new rules of the game, the sector will be able to improve its economic comparison and then offer attractive and sustainable rates, guaranteeing the right to ALL. a public transport, accessible and of good quality ", they noticed

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