The government gave the green light to the "cheap" buses, but it is not certain that prices will drop much – 17/08/2018

With effect from 1 September, long-distance bus companies can offer cheap tickets between 15 and 95% cheaper than regular prices. This means that, as a base price, you could travel from Buenos Aires to Rosario for $ 18 . The measure was published on Friday in the national newspaper, but was not well received by the entrepreneurs in the sector, who asked for a reduction in the costs and the flexibility of their activities to offer high-quality services and insurance.

The authorization of reductions in ticket prices – so far prohibited – is for round trips, for all destinations in the country. The measure "aims to ensure that more and more Argentinian people have access to travel, promote tourism, modernize the sector and complement it with other means of transport," said the Ministry of Transport of the Nation in a statement.

  New minimum fares for buses

New minimum fares for buses

The matter was expected at the beginning of July, when the Minister of Transport, Guillermo Dietrich, was on a TN program and announced: " From the services low costs of microphones What will happen in Argentina is that people will travel more in everything. "

Finally, the measure will take effect on 1 September, one month after the abolition of the minimum rates for cabotage flights enabling airlines to launch strong promotions. At that time, in a dialogue with Clarín referees from the micro-companies indicated that they were "concerned" and asked for more flexibility for their sector.

  Arrival and departure of buses Airport terminal

Buses from the Retiro terminal getting in and out

Resolution 723/2018, signed by Dietrich, indicates how the "lower limits" of the tariffs will be. "In that ticket sale up to 10 days in advance with regard to the date of the contracted service the discount to be applied to obtain the minimum percentage of each service category may not exceed 15%" says the text of the standard.

"For the sale of tickets more than 10 days before the start date of the contracted service are made, discounts can be higher than 15% and up to 95% in terms of the rates minimum of each service category ", continues the publication.

The Dutch Ministry of Transport shared a quad ro with the new reference rates. From Buenos Aires to Córdoba the previous base rate was $ 855 and it will be $ 43 for tickets more than ten days in advance. From Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata, the floor was $ 491 and will now be $ 25. From Buenos Aires to Rosario the lowest possible price was $ 368 and will be $ 18.

  Retiro Terminal (Jorge Sanchez

Retiro terminal (Jorge Sánchez).

The measure was not well received by the Business Club for the far distance (Celadi), where they say they "are worried about the deep structural crisis "of the sector." These measures, beyond their potential positive connotations in the short term (…) which has been transmitted in an untimely way and is absent in an all-embracing plan, can become the opposite in time ", expressed in

" Have the The ability to charge very low prices does not automatically guarantee the actual capacity to d to do it in a sustainable and serious way "she added from Celadi. They explain that, to reduce costs & # 39; to be able to offer, firstly & # 39; low costs & # 39; must have, something & # 39; totally opposite & # 39; to their topicality.

To "loyally compete" with cabotage flights, ask the bus companies to be in the same conditions and, in that way, "have the same guarantees, operational flexibility and tax levels (met) that the aircraft count" .

  Long Distance Micros in the City of Buenos Aires (Boemo).

Long-distance micros in the city of Buenos Aires (Boemo).

Otherwise, "the irruption of tariffs low costs in terrestrial mode will continue to be downgraded only to media advertisements without content or, worse, it will serve to a an already complex and long-lasting sectoral crisis, "said Celadi.

"We are convinced that, with new rules of the game, the sector will be able to improve its position economically and then offer yes, attractive and sustainable rates, making the right of all Argentinians to a public transport, accessibility and quality guaranteed ", the statement concludes.

Public transport over long distances is composed by more than a hundred companies, all national capitals. It connects approximately 1,600 destinations between capitals, cities, places and places. It transports around 37 million passengers per year and employs more than 17,000 people.

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