"The governor's salary does not reach me"

November 23, 2018 – 10:39
The provincial governor was interviewed by LN +, talked about the current situation of the country and the scenario for the next elections.

The governor Juan Manuel Urtubey participated last night in the program Desitno that is issued by the sign LN +. Distendido and in an open conversation Urtubey spoke about the political scenario for the next elections and the economic situation that the country is going through.
In this scenario he pointed out that "the governor's salary does not reach him." "Fortunately I am devoted to agriculture, the raising of pigs and with that I am better off in good years, in others not so much, but we are going to fight."
When asked about an "alternative to overcome", Urtubey said: "What we are considering is that, an alternative that overcomes a reality that today sadly punishes the Argentineans"
He also clarified that the Alternative PJ will be internal. "In this space it is interesting our diversity, if we pretend to do something uniform, then it is not for Argentina, we want something different," he said.

Clearly thrown away as one of the candidates for the vice-president of Mauricio Macri for the upcoming elections, but he was responsible to clarify that he helps "and I will do that until the last day, because if the government is going well we are good for the Argentinians … We have to try to help so that things go better ", he remarked.

Regarding whether he would vote for the immunity of Cristina Kirchner if he was a legislator, he claimed that: "I would do what I have long imagined, I would abolish the law for everyone, not just for Cristina. # 39;
"The Argentine society gives a show of formidable maturity … there is a huge disconformism, but people are prepared to respect the institutional diad".

Next are ten truths (LN +)

1) Alternative PJ

  • "We will continue to grow, what we propose is an alternative that overcomes a reality that Argentina today regrettably punished"
  • Do we end it with a possible candidate for vice president of Mauricio Macri? "Certainly"
  • "It has to do with a logic that is strongly incorporated in the political logic of Argentina, where you have to make an effort to attack the government, I help from the first day and I will do it until the last day, because if it goes Well, the government is doing well with the Argentines, we have to try to help to improve things "
  • "Argentine society gives a show of formidable maturity, the Argentine people are prepared to respect the institution"
  • "It is good that the political leaders of the people learn"

2) Intern

  • "We are going to a trainee because in this space the interesting thing is our diversity, if we try to do something uniform, that does not work for Argentina, these lockers are just as occupied by the macrismo as by the Kirchner"

3) Would the addition of Cristina be a betrayal?

  • "It's a matter of almost common sense: there is a sector in Argentina that feels identified by this government, there is another sector that is represented by ex-president Cristina Kirchner, and there is another one, which I believe majority is, who does not want to know anything more neither from one or from the other "
  • "So if we, who want to represent that society, finally enter into an alliance with one of those two aspects, then we are deceiving ourselves because they are ultimately looking for something else"
  • "The most important thing is that in the future we will start referring Argentines to ourselves and not in the past, I want to seriously propose a government with a national union"

4) Would you vote for the immunity of Cristina Kirchner?

  • "If I were a legislator, I would do what I thought for a while: I would lift the privileges for everyone, not just for Cristina"

5) Restrictions in the policy

  • "The limit in the policy is the same limit that you have in terms of your training and your ethical and moral parameters, they can not differ in the policy regarding your private life"
  • "In short, politics is one of the noblest services, said Paul VI, and today is so discredited"
  • "The way to build an integrated society is if we all spoil a bit to bring the common cause forward"

6) Does the PJ alternative have a government plan?

  • "Yes, we are working on it, on the diversity that we are going to build, something that has to do with the national trade union that I am establishing: Argentina must restore the working culture, it must return to a development model that we have given up, easily, more than forty years "

7) What distinguishes it from Mauricio Macri

  • "I usually do not define myself in relation to others, so it costs me a lot, I do not doubt the goodwill of the president"
  • "I think he is a man who is in good faith and from his point of view wants the best for Argentina, but I have a different view on the way to go to the place of that integrated Argentina that we all want"
  • "The way of this monetaristic orthodoxy, that what you are looking for to order the macro variables of the economy on a given reality basis, and not to coordinate those macro variables to a land model that I want, is essentially the biggest difference"
  • "They have lost the opportunity on several occasions to generate a sense of belonging from the Argentine people"
  • "We have underestimated change in the crisis"
  • "The classic representative demodder model has ended: we are in a reconnaissance course to a new logic of social organization, we have to understand how society works, and I think that is an underestimation of it"

8) Is your salary sufficient?

  • "The governor's salary, no, fortunately I am devoted to agricultural activity, to raising pigs and with that I am better in good years, in others not so much, but we fight against it"

9) Are you afraid of power?

  • "Power is an incurable disease, I do not know anyone who is cured of the disease of power.To prevent this, you have to be vaccinated if you are healthy: how? With training, with strong and powerful settings."
  • "In essence, we need the personalistic logic for a much more horizontal"

10) Where are we going?

  • "The Argentinians know where they are going, the problem is that we have to go on a long and expensive internship, and to some extent it seems to me that society will lead us to this place of union among Argentinians"
  • "It is a great moment that we live because the level of general fatigue, the global context gives us a great opportunity: to understand that the only way to get ahead is to seriously unite the Argentinians"
  • "What I really want is a Argentina that looks ahead and is not retarded." We have been looking back for four decades to look ahead "

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