The health status of the injured bullets

After being shot and wounded by the crossfire that took place in an operation of the GERAS group in the Ullum Embarcadero area with armed criminals, sergeant Leonardo Arias and Commissioner Diego Morales were rushed to the Rawson Hospital to be assisted.

According to official sources, both police officers are stable and out of danger, but they will still be interned in observation to rule out any irregularities.

The 44-year-old sergeant was shot under the right knee and recovered favorably. Enter the operating room to remove splinters from the bullet you went through and broke the bone.

For his part, the 47-year-old commissioner was hit by a shot in the left hand, so he had to be operated for a break in the grimace. Fortunately, the bullet that went to his chest was enclosed by the bulletproof vest that saved his life on the occasion.

Both received a bullet from a revolver special caliber 38. This weapon, in contrast to the ordinary 38, is that according to official sources it has more power and greater shock and penetration in the matter.

The bulletproof vests, such as the one that saved the life of the commissioner, were recently armored with new reinforcing plates for this type of weapons of great caliber. Despite surviving, they had to perform an X-ray and tomography in the area of ​​the trax to rule out internal injury because of its strong impact.

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