The Larroque conspiracy theory: notebooks "truchos", the law of the CIA and the "pavada bags"

The boss of La Campora said that the US embassy "is behind" the case of the notebooks Source: LA NACION – Credit: Diego Lima

The National Delegate and Head of La Cámpora, Andrés "el Cuervo"

, he referred today to the scandal for the cause of the bribery of the bribery and reached the accusations against the government prior to
a strategy of "transnational power" that would focus on "foreigners Argentina". He said in particular that the American embassy & # 39; behind & # 39; is part of the case that brought to light the mechanism of payment of bribes during the Kirchner administration.

"The conspiracy is very big," he said in an interview he gave to Radio Con Vos.

Larroque has also rejected that
received black money to finance the election campaign, as pointed out by repentant Martín Larraburu, ex-employee of Juan Manuel Abal Medina at the Cabinet. "My work was political and militant, others were responsible for the financial part of the campaign," he said.

During the report, the referring of the Cámpora questioned aloud the federal judge Claudius Bonadio, who was charged with investigating the case of the notebooks, and found them relevant to the confessions of industrialists and exfuncionarios to them. He also said that the repentant law, which drove the government of Cambiemos, "was worked out in the CIA laboratories to break people".

Phrases and conspiracy theories of Larroque

  • "José López and Claudio Uberti lie"
  • "The repentant is an aberration, it is a law made up in the laboratories of the CIA to break people, regardless of the demonstration, the denunciation as a practice contemplated by the state is very serious"
  • "The conspiracy is very large and the American embassy is behind this, the arrests that Bonadio makes can not be made without a back"
  • "There is an objective that has the transnational power to go out of Argentina, they were for politics, trade unions, social movements and they will go for what is left of the national company"
  • "In seven months they went 20 billion dollars [fuga de capitales] and we're talking about a few tricky notepads "
  • "The fact that the Kirchners put money in pockets is a problem"
  • "The tragedy of Once is a sensitive issue, there are things that are not so clear, there are very confusing situations regarding the drivers"
  • "Amado Boudou is imprisoned for the nationalization of the AFJP, he did nothing wrong in the Ciccone case"

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