The Ministry of Security rejected the re-admission of Miguel Etchecolatz in the province of Buenos Aires


Etchecolatz was convicted six times for theft of babies, kidnappings, torture, murder and disappearances. Collect eternal over perpetual. He had been under house arrest until a few months ago, when he went to live in the Peralta Ramos forest in Mar del Plata, although they were withdrawn by a call that aggravated the complaints of the neighbors and returned to the Ezeiza prison.

None of the sentences seems to have affected him as much as he was acquitted of the province of Buenos Aires, the force with which he carried out the plan of horror with an iron fist.

The nefarious person regarded his exemption from violence "as a flagrant violation of the right of defense" and warned that he would make a declaration to the province of Buenos Aires for compensation, "for the acts that come from the executive and his officials".

Despite his request, after enumerating 10 paragraphs against the measure, the minister Ritondo rejected the appeal and the annulment proposal, leaving the freedom mediation firm behind.

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