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The Ministry of Education of the Nation confirmed that a new salary proposal will come Monday to try to unlock the joint negotiations with the six university education unions that have been in conflict since the beginning of August.

Five of the six trade unions grouping the university professors (Conadu, Fedun, Fagdut, UDA and Ctera) decided to lift the strike before the call of the Nation's Minister of Education, Alejandro Finocchiaro, at a negotiating table. Historical Conadu retained the degree of strength.

In Córdoba, Adiuc decided to maintain the strength and, at meetings, on Tuesday, evaluated whether it caused unemployment or not, after he knew the nation's salary increase offer.

The dialogue table is the key: the call "is given to find solutions for the situation", in the language of operation. In other words, there will be a better wage offer, which has been raised up to now with a ceiling of 15 per cent per year, with an advance of five per cent in May and an already settled adjustment of 5.8 per cent for August.

The nation appreciated that the measures of violence were lifted, something that he claimed to sit down to negotiate without that pressure. And he attributed the decision of Conadu Histórica to his "left" connection and that on September 14th there were very competitive elections in that federation.

It was not expected what the proposal will be that Finocchiaro will bring to the negotiating table, but Pablo Domenichini, director of University Development of the Nation, appreciated the proposal that closed the conflict with non-teachers. This university sector received an initial increase of 2.66 percent (in anticipation of the previous parity) and another 15 percent in four sections until November. In addition, a review clause has been included in the case of inflationary increases that exceed the provisions of the agreement.

Monserrat and Belgrano

The Monserrat school decided to continue with the strike. It was solved by the education meeting, although it is awaiting what is happening in Buenos Aires on Monday afternoon, during the meeting that Finocchiaro called with the university unions. The same will happen at the Manuel Belgrano school. Both lost 35 days of class.

They follow the recordings in Psychology and in Philosophy

The faculties were occupied on Friday. There are no activities.

The Green House, or Philosophy, and the School of Psychology are still occupied by students who demand a higher university budget and close parity with the teachers. In philosophy it is a student group; in psychology, the same student center. There are no activities during the duration of the recordings.

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