The operation of services on this holiday Monday Diary of Cuyo

This Monday is a national holiday for the transfer of the commemoration of the anniversary of the death of General José de San Martín, which was finalized last Friday. As a result there are changes in the functioning of the services. Then the list:

* Public transport: the collectives will circulate with a reduced frequency comparable to that of Sunday.

* Commerce: the property remains closed.

* Banks: they will not serve the public.

* Health: In hospitals, a minimum of medical care will be maintained for patients arriving at the emergency service. The same happens in the rest of the health centers that have this service.

* Controlled parking (ECO), Urban Monitors and Municipal Vehicle Removal Crane: There will be no activity.

* Other capital services:

– Collection of waste: Normal.

– Municipal emergency service (SEM): Normal guards.

– funeral services: Minimal guards.

– Market of delivery (butchers): Open.

– Municipal fair (fruits and vegetables): closed.

– Slaughterhouse and municipal refrigerator: Minimal guards.

– Municipal cemetery: from 08:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00

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