The police defended his house against the bullets: he killed the thief Chronicle

A policeman killed a thief who entered his house on Sunday morning in the department of Guaymallén in the province of Mendoza. The malvivient acted with two henchmen and entered through a balcony of the building. There was an exchange of photos. They try to identify the subjects that have fled.

The episode took place around 2 am, when three people arrived at a street address Brandsen de Dorrego and entered via a balcony. For this they have helped each other with making one "Stepladder" with your hands

Then, alerted by the sound of a glass break, the owner of the house, an assistant policeman from Mendoza, took his regulating weapon and went to check what was happening, detailed sources near the case.

There the policeman bumped into the malvivientes who carried out the attack and there was an exchange of shots, which ended with one of the suspects who received the impact of three leads, a deadly in the head, causing him to die immediately. Because of this, the accomplices of the deceased thief quickly fled the scene.

After the public official has informed the authorities about the situation and the uniformed and investigating personnel have moved to start the relevant tasks.

For its part, the money was transferred to a judicial office. There, the prosecutor Claudia Ríos, who has the cause, took an informative statement, that is when you are a witness between being and accredited. Then he got his freedom back.

In the meantime it was discovered that the officer's wife is pregnant, so she was transferred to the Central Hospital as a preventive measure. The doctors, however, checked that he had no complications after the time he lived.

The alleged victim who was killed by the police was identified by the detectives and confirmed that it is Lucas Agustín Quiroga, 26 years old and born in Godoy Cruz.

The perpetrator was examined several years ago in three cases, one of them for serious deliberate injuries and the other for aggravated theft because he was in the city and in the gang. The last reason, the researchers stated, is from May of last year.

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