The policeman accused of armed attack was recognized on Facebook – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina

The researchers from Eastern Provincial Investigations came early to the high mountains, located in Blanco Encalada, to take a colleague into custody.

They had the request of San Martin's attorney, Gustavo Jadur, to arrest him because he had been accredited in a case of theft aggravated by the use of a firearm that took place at the beginning of August. The purpose of entering the branch of the above city, where the suspect worked with peace of mind without drawing much attention. They spoke with the head of dependence and acted.

Great was the surprise of the young assistant of 25 years, identified as Matías Fernando Ochoa, when they placed the handcuffs for his colleagues to move him in a mobility and make it available to the Justice Department.

The arrest took place on Tuesday morning under a secret clause so that it did not go beyond the sources that were consulted The sun they confirmed the investigation – and in the coming hours the representative of the public prosecutor of San Martín-La Colina will determine their procedural situation.

According to the sources, the member of the armed forces will in principle be charged with theft aggravated by the use of a firearm. Then it is analyzed whether there are other aggravating factors, such as the police function or in the city and in the gang.

In principle, the policeman is accused of having committed an armed robbery in a butcher's shop in the Palmira district, using a Ford EcoSport truck, along with other subjects.

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He was not charged after the arrest because the public prosecutor is waiting for a series of measures, such as a wheel with people with the victims of the robbery. But beyond that, the investigation had its beginning after the theft suffered by a trade in Palmira.

The reconstruction claims that the witnesses have established that the thieves arrived in a Ford EcoSport truck. One of the victims of the robbery wrote down the patent of the vehicle and this served the police, investigators and justice to know that it was in the name of a woman.

What the research did was to reach the Facebook profile of who would own the film. They analyzed the photos and kept them.

Then they decided to show family pictures to the witnesses to identify the perpetrators, and the result was positive: one of the victims saw that in the photo's one of the men who had participated in the robbery. , the sources. And they added that it was the police Ocha, who owned his house in Godoy Cruz and served in the substation of Blanco Encalada.

Added more evidence in the file, decided to go to stop it. After the capture (they also robbed his house, near Paul VI) Ochoa defended himself and said that, when the attack took place, he had taken the vehicle to a mechanical workshop, that is, he did not have it in his possession.

He suggested that the people working in the garage had something to do with the attack. Apart from that, one of the victims has recognized him in a photo uploaded in the Facebook profile of the woman who would own the EcoSport.

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