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Hugo Juri, rector of the National University of Córdoba, repeated his support for the claim of university professors yesterday. Traveling in Buenos Aires, he met members of the National Interuniversity Council (CIN), who he presides and, from this body that brings together all the rectors of the universities of the country, was called to urgently open a dialogue table between the unions and the national government to resolve the conflict.

The Minister of Education of the Nation, Alejandro Finocchiaro, yesterday anticipated the national deputies of Cambio Mario Negri, Brenda Austin, Silvia Lospennato, José Ricardo and José Cano, who is working on a proposal to reach an agreement. But he did not advance numbers or percentages, during a meeting that lasted an hour and a half, Negri told La Voz. The same spokespeople said education: "The ministry is working on a solution of the conflict." Nothing anymore

On the other hand, the general secretary of Conadu, Carlos de Feo, denied that a 20 percent annual offer was offered, with an increase of 15 percent compared to the 5 already delivered in May. "It is clear that the government must make an offer that exceeds 20 percent with this inflation framework, and that the situation will be complicated," he said.


"In the UNC we have students from the interior who are uphill in this situation and, above all, we have secondary schools that depend on universities that can not continue to lose lessons," Juri claimed.

The rector's statement came after the massive demonstration of the public university that was convened yesterday by university unions, students and the UNC authorities.

The Rector also indicated that the CIN had contact with legislators from different political sectors to express their strong concerns about the salary issue. "We have passed our concerns to the executive power and there needs to be a more flexible and quick discussion to achieve a salary improvement," he said.


The national government showed that the formal negotiations with the trade unions will be interrupted while the measures of violence will not be weakened. They only accepted that they were informally working on a solution, but they expect the teachers to send a signal to call them back to the dialogue.

In the last meeting, the Ministry of Education of the Nation offered a total increase of 15 percent. Five percent has been paid unilaterally in salaries since May and another 5.8 percent is added in August.

The unions rejected the proposal and immediately extended the strike to a third week. This decision was not clearly visible in the Ministry of Education.

For the CIN, 15 percent is also insufficient. "The 10.8 percent that has occurred so far is a good sign, but the 15 percent offered by the Nation is a constraint that allows no progress," Juri said.

The rector insisted that the strikes were a problem, but asked that both sectors give in to resume the dialogue.

The trade unionist will determine the following measures tomorrow. For now they already have a march for next Thursday to the head office of the Ministry of Education in Buenos Aires.

Busy. The old Rectorate was taken by left groups for a few hours. (Facundo Luque)

Busy. The old Rectorate was taken by left groups for a few hours. (Facundo Luque)

On the street

The mobilization started at 3 pm from the Paseo de la Reforma, in Ciudad Universitaria. The university ecosystem arrived in a fractional way, part behind the flags of the trade unions of employees in higher education; another, convened by student organizations; one more, for the political parties; and most of it, mobilized with their bicycles, their green and orange handkerchiefs (in favor of the legalization of abortion and the separation of church and state), with their partners, their notes, their cameras & their posters with the predominant motto: "Public education defends itself".

The large number of people forced people identified with orange front to bombard in desperate gestures to prevent overflow. But it was impossible to contain the fervor of the march. Suddenly people passed by and the headboard was indistinguishable, or went to the sides to occupy the green spaces and everything broadened.

Separate paragraph deserves the chants. Changed songs from the court, from taquilleras series (Bella Ciao), or armed at that time, all with the emphasis in gender perspective. "Come on, compañeras, you have to put a little more body," they sang.

After several hours of imprisonment, the historical headquarters of the Rectorate, located at Obispo Trejo 242, where the dean of the law works, was released last night. It was the only incident of the demonstration.

"A small group of demonstrators forced the main entrance of the building and managed to enter," he said The voice Roberto Terzariol, Secretary General of the UNC. He emphasized that it was an isolated event and that "the mobilization and the act of defending the public university developed peacefully." The Federation of University Students of Córdoba (FUC) did not approve the decision. The measure was determined by left groups, linked to the PO and the PTS. "Despite the fact that the measure was proposed by La Bisagra and the Moja Strip, those who ran the FUC were not present," they asked.


In Río Cuarto, the Teachers Union asked the professional associations to determine their position. They also asked for an explanation from the intendants. In Villa María a symbolic embrace was given to the UNVM rectorate.

Without official statements about the subject

Only one former secretary of University Policies spoke.

Although there were no official statements on the subject of the Executive, which was indeed manifest, Albor Cantard, former secretary of university administration of this administration, was now deputy for Santa Fe and former director of the National University of the Coast, who also stressed that the Salary offer is "inadequate". For Cantard, the national university system has many teachers. "We have more than enough teachers for the current enrollment and to double it," he said.

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