The scriptures of the bribery: José López agreed to repent and to be a protected witness

The arrival of José López this morning to the courts of Comodoro Py Source: LA NACION – Credit: Emiliano Lasalvia

José López,
the man with the bags, broke for the first time in his long history with Justice. Former secretary of public works, held for more than two years,

known his role in the system of illegal payments
that crossed several areas of the Kirchner government and left a dozen businessmen splashed to the left. After his statement in the case he became a protected witness.

Although the agreement with the judge is still being negotiated, López has already agreed to the witness protection program for the valuable information he has contributed to the witness. moment, informed official sources. The first benefit that the former official will receive is an improvement in his detention conditions, which may even fall outside a criminal.

"He has already talked a lot, but important things are still missing," said a source familiar with the investigation.
LA NACION. He added that, as required by the repentant law, López pointed "up" in the hierarchical scale, which is only completed by the then minister Julio De Vido and the Kirchner family.

Although the final decision remains in the hands of Judge Claudio Bonadio, who has to approve the agreement and is no longer in the court of Comodoro Py. Negotiations will continue anyway over the next few days.

After several hours before the public prosecutor Carlos Stornelli, Lopez announced his participation, in which the discussion partners with whom the former official once acted, could also be involved as mayors and governors. , characters that have not yet been mentioned in the cause of the writings of the bribes.

López thus becomes the highest official who tries to join the repentant regime. The law does not allow a scale higher than yours, that of a preacher, to have the benefit of repentance. The other official who had repented in this case was

López was mentioned several times in the notebooks of Oscar Centeno, but he was also mentioned by several of the converts. Carlos Wagner, for example, served as president of the Argentine Chamber of Construction, explained that between 10 and 20% of all public works was money intended for bribes for Kirchner officials.

"Money from the policy"

López fell to prison on June 14, 2016, when he was arrested
in fraganti in a convent of General Rodríguez with bags with $ 9 million, 153,000 euros and Rolex watches.

In his first investigation before federal judge Daniel Rafecas, the former secretary of Public Works had shown that the money he had transported that early morning was "of policy."

He just gave more details about the origin of the dollars days ago, when he had to testify in the oral and public trial against him for alleged unauthorized enrichment. "The money in the pockets was not mine, it was from people in politics," he continued, after telling the jurors that he would "say everything".

"Some people forced me to do some shopping, one of them was that I had to move the bags to the monastery I knew and I understood that I would retire from there to give them a different destination. "said Lopez.

"They used me as a scapegoat, as a distracting maneuver to draw the attention of the public to another place," he added.

Simultaneously with his statement in the oral court, several businessmen had shown repentance in the case of the notebooks and had assured that they had made contributions in black to the Kirchner campaign.

However, in recent days, the investigation of federal judge Claudio Bonadio and prosecutor Stornelli discovered that the black funds were much more than just a collection for the campaign. There are strong indications in the file that there are bribes in the field of energy, transport, road concessions and also in business with Venezuela. Lopez could open new lines of research.

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