The scriptures of the bribes: the robbery on the house of Cristina Kirchner in El Calafate was suspended

The researchers were received by lawyer Jorge Cabezas, who arrived at the chalet at 8:30 Credit: Argentine news

After the federal judge

Claudio Bonadio
will be called on Wednesday to pave the three private residences of the senator and former president

Cristina Kirchner
for the investigation into "

the scriptures of the bribes
", the federal police wrote today the house of the Kirchner family

El Calafate
, in the province

Santa Cruz
. After 9 pm, after six hours of inspection, they have suspended the rounds to continue tomorrow.

In the operation does not participate in the police of the province, although it was requested by the federal police.

The researchers were received by lawyer Jorge Cabezas, who arrived at the chalet at 8.30 am, accompanied by the permanent guardianship of the federal police, who has a guard for the residence, a few blocks from the main street of El Calafate.

Around 17 three gendarmerie vans came into the building with cash and a scanner. They came straight from Buenos Aires.

The house in El Calafate was the private residence of Cristina Kirchner that still had to be revised. Judge Bonadio has indicated yesterday
two raids: in the department of Buenos Aires, on the corner of Uruguay and Juncal, in Recoleta; and in the house of Río Gallegos, in Mascarello 441.

The inspection in the Recoleta department was extended for 13 hours: they checked walls, ceilings and floors and valued paintings and "crafts". They have not found any money or other valuables. The procedure at the exmandataria in the capital of Santa Cruz began at 12.00 and ended after 6 pm.

None of the buildings was occupied. The lawyer Carlos Beraldi was the one who opened the doors of the Recoleta department. The lawyer Daniel Cabezas, son of Jorge Cabezas, was responsible yesterday for opening the door of the authorities in the Kirchners' house

Río Gallegos

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