The scriptures of the bribes: will continue in prison Néstor Otero, the "Tsar of Retiro"

It will follow arrested the entrepreneur Néstor Otero in the case of the writings of the bribes, since the federal judge Claudio Bonadio he rejected the request for a house arrest by the businessman. Otero is known as the "Tsar of Retiro", as he is the owner of TEBA, the company that manages the concession of the Micros Terminal Station. He has been in jail since August 21 when he signed up at the headquarters of the federal police. His connection with the cause comes from the mention in the notebooks of Oscar Centeno: according to the notes of Roberto Baratta's ex-driver, the employer had paid him $ 250,000 in bribes to his boss, right exonerate from Julio De Vido.

After the arrest of Otero, the judge rejected the request for freedom and then asked his defense for the health problems of his client and because he is 79 years old, because the law makes it possible to grant this benefit to people who have the 70. Bonadio was of the opinion that the granting of house arrest to Otero exists "risk of flight". He also argued that the health problem of the owner of TEBA can be treated in the Marcos Paz complex, where he is held preventively.

"The criminal organization in which Otero is involved, added to the economic power with which each of the members of that group has about 65, makes it possible to retain a clear possibility to obstruct the research and thus to achieve dodge the action of justice, "said Bonadio.

With regard to the health problems of the arrested businessman, the judge said: "It does not appear that he can not provide adequate medical attention in the prison where he is being held for the treatment of the pathology he suffers." In his statement he also asked that the doctors of the prison of Marcos Paz make a diagnosis about the treatment that Otero should follow.

"It does not follow that the deprivation of liberty of Otero & # 39; s freedom in a prison unit is detrimental to his health," said Bonadio, who recalled that the employer has permanent medical attention and visits from his family, so it has an "integral containment".

Centeno registered a delivery from Otero on 3 June 2015, money that the driver himself was looking for in Retiro. However, the businessman denied the episode and said that the day of the alleged payment was traveling in Paraguay. At the same time he argued that the transport area of ​​the government of Cristina Kirchner was no longer in charge of the Ministry of Planning, but of the portfolio under Florencio Randazzo.

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