The seven figureheads and the hidden fortune of "Mameluco" Villalba, the famous drug dealer who wanted to become mayor

Miguel Ángel Villalba, "Mameluco", the alleged capo of the San Martín coke, the most famous drug dealer in the history of the Buenos Aires Conurbano, has made an iconic photo by the newspaper profile years ago: it is seen in his old car wash Style, located on the corner of Caseros and Perón, laughing snakes the foaming body of a Volkswagen Gol. Villalba had opened the laundry in 2009 after leaving the prison after his first conviction for drugs. At that time he said he received about 120 cars a day, a blank company, all legitimate, okay, although the owner of the place was someone else who hired the goodwill and eventually declared it in Justice.

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