The train drove over and killed a young man who fell asleep in the middle of the tracks Chronicle

A 17-year-old boy was killed in a train on Sunday morning, which happened in the city of Cipolletti in Rio Negro. According to the police report, the child would have fallen asleep in the streets of Concepción Uruguay, in the San Lorenzo district.

The head of the 32nd police station, Mauro Albornoz, explained that the deadly victim lay face down, and that although the engineer had given all possible signals to warn him, he failed to stop. After noon, a 47-year-old woman approached a police unit to report the disappearance of her son. The first tests determined that the wanted young man was the same person who had steered the train.

On the reason why the young man would have fallen asleep on the tracks, there are 3 hypotheses that are the subject of research. The first indicates that the boy was drunk and that's why he went there. The second indicates that other people would have left him in that spot and a third claims that the young man was already dead before the train would pass him.

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