The writings of the bribery: Oscar Thomas does not want to surrender or declare it as sorry

Oscar Thomas, the only fugitive in the case of bribery notebooks, does not intend to surrender for justice give him the exemption from imprisonmentbecause he does not want to present himself as a repentant one.

The person who confirmed this position was his defense lawyer, José Manuel Ubeira, in dialogue with the radio The network. During the interview, he explained that the dismissal request had been rejected in the first instance, but they are awaiting the decision of the House.

With regard to the decision not to be part of the clan of "accused employees", the lawyer argued that the former director of the Yacyretá Binational Entity (EBY) he does not have to think about repentance, because "he has not lived what is said". "Thomas tells me:" I do not have to falsely involve people, "his lawyer explained.

Oscar Thomas is the only fugitive in the cause of the bribery of the bribery.
Oscar Thomas is the only fugitive in the cause of the bribery of the bribery.

Meanwhile, the National Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, confirmed that will offer a reward of 500 thousand pesos for those people who "provide verifiable and reliable data that make it possible to find it", he said. The measure will be published on Tuesday in the Government Gazette.

Last week, the Legislature of Missions decided to publish the request for international detention in all administrative offices of public attention in the event that it was ordered by federal judge Claudio Bonadio. So they look like that wallpaper the province with the face of the former official. They will also do it with announcements on television and radio throughout the province.

Oscar Thomas in the face of Justice

According to the writings of Oscar Centeno, the director of Roberto Baratta, the number two of Julio de Vido, when Thomas was director of EBY, paid a bribe US $ 1,100,000 in 2009 and another in 2013. In the annotations wrote the remisero who accompanied the official to collect the bribes: "While we were traveling, he called the boss and told him that between Yacyretá and Transporte" had contributed to the crown "US $ 657,000".

The exdirective was very close to the extitular of the Ministry of Planning and during Kirchnerism his heritage has increased exponentially. He went from the owner of a single house in 2003 to 23 explain properties in 2015.

The opposition points out that they are responsible for converting the Yacyretá Binational entity into a "political box" to finance the electoral campaigns of Kirchnerism in the northwest of Argentina.

The weekend house of Thomas in Candelaria, Misiones.
The weekend house of Thomas in Candelaria, Misiones.

Thomas has a weekend house under his possessions, which he exclusively revealed, in La Candelaria, a small town 23 kilometers from the capital Misiones. According to the latest statement, which corresponds to 2015, the property has an area of ​​2,400 m2.

One issue, however, caught the attention of the opposition in those days of 2010. Thomas had ordered the construction of a private beach of nearly 100 meters long at the same time that the EBY financed the works on the waterfront of Posadas, with the aim to restore spaces opposite the Paraná river.

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