The young man accused of raping a girl he quoted by Tinder said he was spoiled

It is a recording that he made at home before the images from the security cameras & # 39; s of a neighbor were released, where the victim is seenShe wants to escape and throws her on the floor and takes her inside.

"I make this video because of the false accusation that was brought against me", begins the video that the suspect himself has made. "The young lady accused me of having sexually insulted her when this happened it was a completely spoiled fact of both"he said.

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Ignacio Barreto is in custody for rape

Ignacio Barreto is in custody for rape

"I am devastated, very humiliated. My mother and my grandmother are falsely accused of facts that have not happened, "he said in the video.

In the last hours Barreto was arrested because he threatened the neighbor who delivered the video from the security camera of his house. "I swore you an oath"He told him and they brought him to the police station. The 24-year-old accused of raping a girl he met for Tinder was detained with a house arrest.

The victim was hospitalized for two days for the injuries he had. The doctors discovered that she had been injured in the genital area, neck and had bites in different parts of the body.

At the suspect's home the underwear, the shoes and the mobile phone of the victim were found.

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