Theft organized in a supermarket in Guaymallén

A robbery in a supermarket in Guaymallén has generated a warning because of the context in which it takes place. It is suspected that it was an organized robbery, in which a group of people entered the industry and took different types of goods, without distinction.

The incident took place around 5 pm in the branch of the Atom chain on the Cervantes street in Guaymallén. Sources at the company confirmed the fact to MDZ

They confirmed from the government of the province that there are two underage prisoners who escaped with bottles of alcoholic beverages. In that sense they suspect that behind the theft there are political organizations that try to act. In fact, on social networks there was "excitement" about what was happening and also that there was coordination at national level: at the same time there were similar cases in different provinces.

Also in the afternoon there was a robbery on a market of Godoy Cruz. In that case, they attacked violently one of the owners. The police arrested one of the thieves who took money in cash and alcoholic beverages.


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