"There are no answers": the words of Sánchez Zinny for teachers of Moreno & # 39; s school

Exciting and really uncomfortable was the visit of the Minister of Education Gabriel Sánchez Zinny of Buenos Aires to the 49th school of Moreno, who exploded more than two weeks ago because of a gas leak and it took the lives of two people. 19659002] "I want you to take the lead and tell me: you will be right, you are right, we are government, we are wrong", strongly suggested one of those present.

Meanwhile, a grandmother of a baby from the school asked him – in the midst of tears – for a "statement" about the tragedy. The minister reacted with a spontaneity that was read by the audience as a gesture of cold: "there is no explanation"

It happens that after the explosion the government of María Eugenia Vidal the " silence "was mentioned not to" politicize "the case, but when he was looking for the right words, the Minister of Buenos Aires only appealed to the past, explained that the poor building conditions of the schools were from Daniel & # 39; s Scioli government.

"We want you to take the lead, Gabriel.There are two dead here, we're not talking about something light," the man told him.

On the part of the lady – who made it clear to the minister that he "looked at her eyes" – ] she told him that her grandson does not want to go back to school "because Sandra (Calamano) ) there is not " the deputy director died during the explosion.

Sánchez Zinny listened alone and answered with a ] "Yes" or a " clear" but he could not help but received the discharge of indignation and pain from those people and then left the school.

Because of the fact, he is being detained the gasman who had carried out the last inspections in the establishment, although the educational guilds and part of the educational community are condemned that the responsibility is political and they pointed to the school council of Moreno, intervened by the management of Vidal.

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