They abandoned a baby and wrote a note: "I leave it behind because I am on the street"

A baby about one year old was found by a woman yesterday, on a path in the town of Bosques, in his pram. The boy, about a year old, stood next to a note with the text: "I am leaving because I am on the street xq".

As described by the members of the Buenos Aires police who came to call the lady, the baby was in a cart covered with blankets and a bottle. It was in the streets Capdevilla and Yamandú Rodríguez, in Bosques, the feast of Florencio Varela. The police, who estimated that the boy was about a year old, reported that he is in good health.

The police authorities have informed the UFI No. 4 of the judicial department of Quilmes and the under-secretariat for the protection of the rights of children and adolescents of Florencio Varela. "The child is good and was assisted by the troops at the place where they found him and later at the police station," said a police chief in that area. (The Capital)

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