They chose the worst house to steal: police officers lived Chronicle

A perpetrator died dead after a confrontation with the police. The event took place on Sunday evening, around 9.30 in Claypole. The warning arrived via a call to 911 from a person claiming to be listening to firearm blasts in Garibaldi 855. Once there, the policemen met a dead man, while at the same time they found three members of the force, two of them with wounds.

Later it became known that the house is owned by a few police officers who work in Quilmes. Within which a meeting took place, in which also a third uniformed brother of one of the owners was involved. While they were eating, two criminals broke into the house with the intention of raiding.

At that time, the police officers gave a loud voice and tried to intervene to ward off the attitude of the criminals. The situation led to the beginning of a shooting in the house, the product of which one of the criminals fell without life, while his accomplice managed to escape. "probably hurt" according to police sources.

As mentioned, two agents have ended up with injuries. One of them with more than one bullet impact in the abdomen, while the other only with a rebound of a splinter. Both wounded were transferred to the Oñativia hospital in Rafael Calzada. One of them was helped quickly, while the other (his brother) had to undergo an operation.

According to one of the wounded, he works in La Plata, while the rest (like his partner) works in Quilmes. The security cameras are analyzed to see if the perpetrator's escape has occurred. And you also look at hospitals in the area to see if there are any injuries.

The people who participated in the party received a statement, while the police expected to recover in order to do so. At the moment it is assumed that it was a temporary theft, that is to say they did not know that there were police officers.

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