They complain that Milagro Sala gave him bags to Mximo Kirchner

The judge of the province of Jujuy asked the person from the province of Buenos Aires to investigate whether a part of the cash received by Milagro Sala ended in the presidential fifth of Olivos, more specifically in the hands of Mximo Kirchner, son of the former president Cristina Fernndez .

The complaint was lodged by Mabel Balconte, deputy and former referee in the Tpac Amaru, in April 2016. The former member of the organization said she had participated in the trips where Sala delivered the money.

Balconte confirmed his accusation on Thursday, August 2, for the court in the province of Jujuy, in the context of the cause known as "Pibes Villeros". In that lawsuit there are already 31 suspects, starting with the Sala Milagro itself.

They are accused of being part of an illegal association, of extortion and fraud for public administration, for the abuse of 60 million pesos that should be destined for the construction of houses in the province.

Now justice jujea asks to investigate whether what says Balcony is true. The public prosecutor of Jujuy Alejandro Bossatti, head of the specialized unit in complex crimes, sent an official letter to the Attorney General of San Isidro, Beatriz Molinelli, requesting an investigation to prove that the Balconte's declaration and confirmation is so detailed in the deputy.

Bossatti sent him to San Isidro because he understands that the events took place in that jurisdiction, close to the fifth president of Olivos. Balconte recognized the tour he had made with a group of 15 people, including Milagro Sala, with money from San Salvador de Jujuy to the airport and then to the fifth of Olivos and then to "Principito" Mximo Kirchner, as he became the leader of the Tpac Amaru.

According to his statements, "Milagro (Room) called me to go to his house in Barrio Cuyaya, there was already a group of friends, and when he arrived, a large amount of money came in different suitcases, between 12 and 15. Hence we went in the company's car to the airport in Jujuy and took a plane from Aerolneas Argentinas to Buenos Aires ", transcended by a report that this Sunday evening put the La Cornisa diary cycle up and running.

Later Balconte added that "when we arrived, we were waiting at Aeroparque & Coco & Garfagnini, the head of the Tpac in the capital, and we went to the Hotel Acara, half a block away from the Ministry of Social Development and while we waited for the call of the crow. "Larroque to go to the fifth, counted the money in a few small machines that were there & # 39 ;.

The entrance to Olivos' villa was in strict reserve, as declared by Balconte, "only Milagro Sala and Garfagnini entered, we waited in a bar opposite the fifth." After a while Milagro left his luck and said that we had to go to the pink to see Julio de Vido ".

Once again in the port, "while Milagro entered the Casa Rosada, accompanied by" Coco & Garibagnini "to meet the Vido and talk about more work for the province, we waited for the Plaza de Mayo, when the meeting finished "the meager", room with happy face ".

But there was still a place to go before he returned to Jujuy. That place was the secretariat of public works in Diagonal Norte and Pern, "I could pass, while Milagro went to Jos Lopez and I came together with Germn Nivello, and Undersecretary of Public Works gave us an agreement to build 1,000 housing units throughout the province. That night we stayed in the hotel and the other day we left for Jujuy again. "

In the next few days, the judicial department of San Isidro will announce that Fiscala will be drawn and will begin the preparatory work, they will also evaluate whether the request for the so-called "money route M", sent by their colleagues, To investigate, they are responsible for investigating this or deriving the same from the federal

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