They create a registry for clandestine abortions

They try to make the approval of a law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy visible and to continue to demand & # 39;

They will create the registration of deaths by women because of clandestine abortions. The project will be implemented by the organization Mujeres de la Matria Latinoamericana (MuMaLá).

After the rejection of the law on 9 August in the upper house, with 38 votes against, 31 for and 2 abstentions, MuMaLá I encourage registration to show the number of cases of voluntary termination of pregnancy.

In the past week, three women aged 22, 30 and 34 died in the country as a result of this practice, which uses 354,627 people per year, according to recent data from the Argentine Ministry of Health.

"Abortion existed, exists and will continue, the fundamental discussion is whether it is clandestine or legal," said the national coordinator of the organization, Raquel Vivanco.

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