They create a relationship of trust so that the public work is not stopped


The Minister of Transport, Guillermo Dietrich, guaranteed that the public works with which the government had to deal "will not stop", and expected that a trust would be created for this, which would make the financing possible, as expected in its current edition of Ambito Financiero.

According to the official, "the so-called cause of the notebooks has led to uncertainty about the continuity of public works, but these works will not stop and PPP (Public Private Participation) will start."

Dietrich stressed that during a press conference "We have worked with the government team to ensure that this happens and we have decided to set up a trust, which means that the banks' contributions to finance (the works) go through the trust of the state to the companies."

In this connection he emphasized: "The contribution that Banco Nación will make to the operation of this trust, which will be accompanied by other private banks, is very important."

Dietrich explained that the banks will lend their money to that fund and from there the financing goes to the companies. So far, the PPP has granted six road corridors with an investment of US $ 6,000 million. The Minister of Transport assured that the works will start as planned, in October.

During the press conference, the President of Banco Nación, Javier González Fraga, expected that this financial institution "between 200 and 300 million dollars" will contribute to the confidence that the government has established to ensure the continuity of public works.
"The bank is committed to the success of the public work process, for which we will contribute between 200 and 300 million dollars to this confidence, on market terms," ​​the official emphasized.

González Fraga also ensured that the Nation also provided a credit line for 30 billion pesos for infrastructure works. "This is in line with the search for transparency in public works, which is a substantial part of the government's objectives," he said.

Dietrich, too, said today that "there is no favoritism" by certain companies in tenders for public works. "There is no favoritism, there are transparent tenders," he emphasized, He said: "We demand a very strict ethical and transparent policy from each of the companies" that participates in the PPP program.

On the other hand, Dietrich and other officials who accompanied him and who have an impact on public works and the PPP program made sure that at the moment the companies under investigation in the case brought by Judge Claudio Bonadio for alleged bribes in public they will continue to manage the works they have issued and until they have a legal definition, they will be able to continue submitting bids.

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