They created a doll in honor of Nahir Galarza

The incidence of the case of Nahir Galarza, the young woman sentenced to life imprisonment for the death of her friend in Gualeguaychú, continues to generate a wave of controversy. This time it is the unusual request of a Rosario collector, Santa Fe, who He ordered to make a doll identical to the killer.

The figure not only has the same hair color as the entrerriana, but also wears clothing that is very similar to the one he wore on a day he left the prison, a gun and handcuffs.

The person responsible for life on this doll was Sebastián Minissale, known as "Sam Escultor", who was in dialogue with He explained that his job was to make the head of the piece. are that the client took care of the body and bought the clothes.

The figure of Nahir was sold for 900 pesos.
The figure of Nahir was sold for 900 pesos.

"In 20 years it was the strangest request that they had made me. They always use characters from comics or films, but this was very strange, "said the artist.

With regard to the materials he used, the sculptor pointed out that he used epoxy paint, which cures when he is joined together. So that the replica was as close as possible to Nahirand inspired by photos & # 39; s and videos that he found on the internet. The final hand of the painting was with acrylic.

The last work has been sold by 900 pesos and Sebastián explained that it took an hour to finish it. Although no one asked for a copy of this figure, the sculptor revealed that he had several questions at the wrist after the image had become viral.

The doll's clothing is a replica of Nahir Galarza's costume.
The doll's clothing is a replica of Nahir Galarza's costume.

With regard to the client, the sculptor did not give much details but he explained that he had ordered other figures, although it is the first time he asks for a certain one. In turn, it revealed that after buying the Nahir figure, the man would have argued with his partner for the unusual doll.

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