They deliver unpublished photos of ARA San Juan family members before they disappear Chronicle

As part of the new search for the submarine ARA San Juan, a citizen of Ushuaia presented unpublished photographs of the Argentine ship to the members of the crew. The photos were taken when the ship departed from the port "from the end of the world" to what would have been his last mission, which ended with the disappearance of the submarine and its 44 crew members.

"A gentleman from Ushuaia has kindly taken some pictures of the submarine that left the port for the last time." These photos are never published, we appreciate the gesture ", expressed the family members of the crew through their official Twitter account, from where they provide information and update the situation of the investigation and the search.

In that context, the ship trying to find the submarine will reach the search zone on 10 September. After being recruited in Cape Town, the ship of the company Ocean Infinity sails to the port of Comodoro Rivadavia, where it is brought into conditions and begins to rake through the Argentine Sea.

Spokesmen from the American company confirmed that they will only receive the agreed payment of more than $ 7 million if they find the submarine. Likewise, the company has given its approval to the four supervisors proposed by the family members of the crew, after various physical and technical tests.

In this way Silvina Krawczyk, sister of the lieutenant of the ship Eliana Krawczyk; Luis Tagliapierta, father of the lieutenant of corvette Alejandro Tagliapierta; José Luis Castillobrother of the corporal Enrique Damián Castillo and Fernando Arjonabrother of the corporal Alberto Arjona, is responsible for verifying the complete navigation process of the new search on the ship and of the 44 crew members who have disappeared since 15 November 2017.

The search engine arrives in the area that is equipped with five AUV (autonomous underwater vehicles), with a capacity up to 6,000 meters deep. In addition, approximately 60 crew members who will rotate and work in teams to ensure operational efficiency will participate in the mission.

"For the good of all who are involved in this tragedy, we hope to help locate the submarine", said the CEO of Ocean Infinity, Oliver Plunkettand added: "As always, success can not be guaranteed because the exact location is unknown, as are the circumstances surrounding the loss".

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