They discover 100 kilos of cocaine hidden in wooden tables

Today, the national gendarmerie kidnapped more than 100 kilos of cocaine hidden in six wooden tables in the hold of a long-distance bus, in the context of a control operation on Route 34, in the province of Jujuy.

The staff of the 60 San Pedro Squadron, deployed in the Chalicán section, carried out a check at kilometer 1.212 of that route when a collective from the company La Veloz del Norte arrived.

The troops found six wooden tables in the hold of the passenger car whose dimensions and weight did not match those on the baggage ticket, so they were inspected by a team of cinotecnical troops.

Before the dog's reaction, the gendarmes made the wood and saw a double bottom with 105 kilos of cocaine.
According to a local media, the tables were owned by a woman of Peruvian nationality aged 25 who traveled in the group and was arrested.

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