They found a French teenager hung in the forests of Ezeiza

The young man had arrived in the country last Wednesday. They carry out the analysis of the Ezeiza security camera's to clarify the facts.

Federal police officers supervised the National Institute for Water and Environment, located in Barrio Uno Ezeiza when they visualized the body of a man, hanging in a tree, as reported by the newspaper Crónica.

It was a young man who was 1.90 meters long, long hair, blond, dressed in a black shirt and gray jeans. Beside him there was a backpack, a thermos, a pair of boots, books in French and a sleeping bag. When making the identification, it turned out that he was Hugo Adrien Gabriel Fauvelun, an 18-year-old French boy. He arrived in Barcelona on September 26th from Barcelona.

Now the corresponding research is being done to clarify the facts. We analyze both security camera's of the municipality Ezeiza like the private companies of companies. At this moment it is treated as the main hypothesis that it was a suicide.

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