They found the two fishermen who had lost their way on the coast of Berazategui 6 days ago

After an intensive search through heaven, land and water, they found Enzo Zárate and Lucas Vivas, the two fishermen who were lost on the coast of the Río de la Plata near Hudson. six days ago

The two young people of 18 and 20 years old were locked up in a marshy area without no communication or food. The hours of fear ended just this Saturday afternoon thanks to the work of the lifeguard and civil protection team, and the most important testimony of a friend who had gone out fishing with them but had previously changed, considering it was dangerous to continue an area of "marginal forest".

"They have to do an analysis because they arrived dehydrated, I still could not see my son, I did not talk to the doctors, we're all there, the truth is that it was a rebirth"He told Horn Enzo & # 39; s father, Leonardo Zárate.

In social networks an aunt of the boy added his expression of relief after the good news. "Now with a smile on my face again and the soul in the body I can say that the boys are good with dehydration and a little pain I could give a hug again and a huge kiss to my life Enzo and also to lucas … "The woman took the opportunity to to thank everyone who accompanied the family and stressed that they had never lost hope of finding them alive.

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