They found the two fishermen who were lost on the shore of the river

Enzo Zárate and Lucas Vivas were found in a swampy area with a dehydration box and are out of danger

Enzo Zarate and Lucas Vivas, two young people aged 18 and 20 respectively were found after 6 days of fear after disappearing in a dangerous zone off the coast of the Rio de la Plata near Hudson, in Berazategui.

The youth fishermen They were found alive on Saturday afternoon after an intensive search. After the rescue responsible for the local team of lifeguards and civil defense, they were referred by the same staff to the Evita Pueblo hospital, where they were interned.

In an interview with Horn, the father of Enzo, Leonardo Zárate, told: "They have to do an analysis because they're getting dehydrated, I still could not see my son or talk to the doctors, we're all family here, the truth that was a rebirth."

Then he explained: "They went fishing and in a moment they lost themselves in the forest, there was no communication because the cell phones had not been taken in. They were six days without food and drink water of what they could find".

In the beginning, the news was not encouraging. Finding fish and drip elements by the dogs of the K9 division brought them to a tosquera at the bank of the river and the unsuccessful search for boats and divers led to the hypothesis that they had drowned.

"The tasks were carried out by land, air and water using motorcycles and drones, as well as vehicles destined to travel in difficult terrains", explained from the departmental headquarters of Quilmes.

And they added that fishermen they were "Helped quickly by health professionals, who discovered that they were dehydrated, but generally enjoyed good health."

source: Clarín

This is how these fishermen were prevented from being killed by a hunt, miraculously!

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